UKAE Traditional&C.M.Center

Krehir Ahi Evran University, Project-Based University Health Coordinator, became one of the first 5 universities supported within the framework of the "Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization" announced by the Higher Education Institution in 2016.

Project-Based Health Coordinator contribute to support modern medicine with practices and researches in the field of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, develop health tourism, promote the natural, historical and cultural values ​​of the region by making effective use of the geothermal resource of Krehir, which is one of the rare cities where geothermal resources are located in the city center, in the field of health and sports and to provide training, research, consultancy and technical services to local and regional institutions and organizations in the areas needed, and to contribute to the provincial economy and regional development of the university through the execution of projects.

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application and Research Center was established with its publication in the official newspaper dated 15.11.2020 and numbered 31305. The aim of the center is to provide services about research in scientific, technical, technological, economic, medical, legal and similar fields regarding its use for treatment and prevention and its effects and mechanisms of action and integrative and supportive traditional and complementary medicine methods into modern medicine practices and to monitor its effects; training, publication, promotion, product development and consultancy in this field.

Cup therapy, ozone and acupuncture applications are performed by experts in the field while many researches are carried out as Krehir Ahi Evran University GETAT Research and Application Center. In addition, the permissions for phytotherapy and hirudotherapy applications have been completed and they are ready for implementation. Legal applications have also been made to implement mesotherapy practices.